Intelligent Video Analytics

Unlike conventional monitoring solution the Sony DEPA™ solution provides added intelligence to assist the surveillance operator in taking quick action. Users can define parameters or filter for use in conjunction with intelligent motion detection and intelligent object detection function incorporated in DEPA™ enabled cameras. Filters can be defined with more detailed parameters to trigger alarms based on object Size, direction or speed.

Abandoned Object: Detects objects placed in a defined zone and triggers an alarm if the object remains in the zone longer than the user defined time.

Adaptive Motion Detection: Detects and tracks an object that enters a scene and then triggers an alarm when the object enters a user-defined zone.

Direction Motion

Generate an alarm when a person or object moves in a specified direction.


Loitering Detection

Identifies when people or vehicle remain in a defined zone longer than the user defined time.
Objects Counting

Counts the number of objects that enter a defined zone or cross a tripwire.


Object Removal

Triggers an alarm if an object is removed from a defined zone.

Stopped vehicle

Detects vehicles stopped near a sensitive area longer than the user defined time allows.
Advance Audio Detection

The camera detects audio and triggers the alarm if the audio level is higher than the predefined value.


Camera Sabotage

Detects contrast changes in the field of view & trigger alarm.

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