Video Management

Pelco™ DX4700HD™ and DX4800HD™is the ideal video management choice for customers who seek to begin deploying megapixel cameras while still gaining benefit from their existing analog camera infrastructure.

Both DX4700HD & DX4800HD supports 16 Analog cameras and 8 IP megapixel cameras. The powerful new processor supports up to 12 Mbps of throughput, meaning an average 1.5 Mbps for each IP channel when recording 8 - megapixel cameras. Ability to mix analog and IP cameras when viewing live video. Support for up to 5x5 camera display, means you can see the entire 24 camera’s at once.

Pelco™ NSM5200 Series Endura Network Video Recorder delivers industry leading performance and innovation for mission-critical storage needs. Recording throughput up to 250Mbps meets demanding performance requirements for Real Time Video, Audio and Data Applications. Hardware designed to eliminate Single Points of Failure.

RAID 6 storage for Optimum Reliability. Built in EndureStor™ storage management to increase storage efficiency. Capable of up to 32 simultaneous video/audio playback streams. Built –in Diagnostic Monitoring and SNMP Monitoring. Up to 36MB Raw capacity.

GVD – A true HD/Megapixel Network Video Recorder system that scales easily to suit the needs of enterprise solution. Pre-built 32, 48, 64, 96 and 128 channel licenses, best for large scale D1, 1.3 M up to 20M camera installation. Embedded with industry-leading Time Sector Engine (TSE) technology for best video read-write performance on HDDs. Redundant power supply, optional teaming network ports and hot swappable HDD with RAID Support. Pre-built NVR self-diagnosis to monitor hardware status.

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Centrix® 16 Channel H.264 Embedded Pentaplex Digital Video Recorder with embedded Linux Operating system. Real time display and recording speed. Digital Zoom, Individual camera setting. Remote client software & Internet Explorer web viewing. 16in/1 Out bi-directional audio.

The ExacqVision® EL-Series IP servers are designed with low-cost, reliability and ease of use in mind. Extremely low power consumption for energy efficiency and cool operation is achieved through the use of Intel® Atom™ Processors. Performance series are also available using Intel® Core™ i3 processors. EL-Series NVR appliances are available with either exacqVision Pro or exacqVision Start Video Management Software. Max internal Storage 4.0 TB. Up to 24 IP Camera input.

Support for H.264, MPEG4 and MJPEG Compression. Linux Operating system on Flash drive.

The Netsafe DVR8000 series cover the range of 32 & 16 channel Digital Video Recorder Recording at 400 fps configuration. Real Time Live Display. Hardware based H.264 compression. Pentaplex operation. System Auto recovery. 16 Channel Audio IN and One channel Audio Out. Gigabit Ethernet. Built in 500 GB (expandable up to 6 HDDs). Mobile Remote Viewer (iPhone, Android). Central Management Software (CMS)


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